Conservatives Oppose Obama (10)

Re-elected, Obama heads back to divided government

7 Nov 2012 21:08:50 GMT

One day after his re-election, a triumphant President Obama headed back to the White House and divided government with little time left for a compromise with Republicans to avert pending cuts and tax increases that threaten a new recession.

Armenian Assembly expects Obama to fulfill Genocide pledge in 2nd term

7 Nov 2012 21:04:14 GMT

Armenian Assembly of America has issued a statement on U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election to a second term.

Romney's trip to Poland is heavy with symbols of Cold War

29 Jul 2012 20:02:08 GMT

Mitt Romney will wrap himself in the symbolism of the Cold War Monday, starting a visit to Poland studded with reminders of that era: a visit with Lech Walesa, memories of Ronald Reagan and a vow to get tough and stay tough with Russia.

Romney reaches out to Latinos

22 Jun 2012 16:02:56 GMT

Mitt Romney promises the National Assn.

Obama backs gay marriage

10 May 2012 10:00:16 GMT

Barack Obama became the first US president to say publicly he was in favour of same-sex marriage, in a high-stakes intervention in a pre-election debate roiling politics.

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