Obama Endorse Clinton (15)

First 5 states called in presidential election

7 Nov 2012 01:05:38 GMT

Polls have closed on much of the East Coast, and early results have multiple news organizations calling four states for Republican nominee Mitt Romney and one state for President Barack Obama.

"Cool on the outside but burns for America on the inside": Bill Clinton's electrifying speech in praise of Barack Obama

7 Sep 2012 00:06:55 GMT

Clinton told the Democratic convention that Obama's rival Mitt Romney would take the country back into recession with his policies

Obama set to accept Democratic nomination

7 Sep 2012 00:02:06 GMT

US President Barack Obama is set to deliver his argument for re-election in a high-stakes closing act at the Democratic National Convention.

Bill Clinton endorses Obama

6 Sep 2012 10:13:57 GMT

Former President Bill Clinton gave a rousing defence of President Barack Obama's handling of the weak US economy yesterday and issued a detailed attack on Republican Mitt Romney in a speech that electrified the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton Fires Up Dems, Says AmericaIs 'Better Off' Because of Obama

6 Sep 2012 05:08:08 GMT

Former President Bill Clinton suggests the country is on the cusp of a 90s-style economic boom that will continue if Obama is given another term, saying US is better off than when Obama took office.

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